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Like A Pearl, you are especially designed with a destiny in mind



Compassion is important, and Donna aims to create a better and happier world one person at a time.  Metaphorically, we are all like onions in that we have layers of emotional, spiritual, or physical toxins.  This is because we live day to day in a toxic world and experience these impurities on all three levels.  We breathe it, swallow it, & experience toxic life daily without even being aware.  Unfortunately, in addition, we often live it out because of our learned behavior and poor self care.   These three planes, dimensions, or life areas are interconnected, and one does affect the other.   We can not separate spirit from emotion from physical.  We are one, although with three parts.  Donna believes it is important to take care to clear ourselves & live the best we can so that our full potential of destiny can be fulfilled.  We all need help, direction, and treatment in order for our bodies to heal holistically.  Not only is it critical to obtain necessary treatment, but it is equally important to learn new ways of treating yourself.

Worldwide Services


Angelic Inspirations are sessions that reveal intuitive insights, encouragement, and specific information for your needs of the moment. This information comes through the heavenly realms directly for you. Your meeting will last about an hour to an hour and a half, and can be in person or long distance via telephone or SKYPE.  One hour session:  $90.  (Military discount of $20 available).  


Angelic Inspirations half hour session: While a half hour session can include some spontaneous, specific guidance, most of the information received is more general.  Your choice of an angelic card deck is used. $40.   


                                    Local ( Oahu) Services

Angels in Paradise Tea Parties  (traveling tea parties with intuitive sessions) are for those who appreciate a fun way to dress-up and celebrate a little.  Although sessions are done within a group setting, private sessions can be done, depending upon individual preference within the group.    Group Sessions with Tea Party, 2-3 people $110.00 per person; 4 or more $99.00 per person.  


Neuro-emotional TechniqueClears the body of Emotional Toxin through gentle tapping of the spine.   $15. 


Ionic Detox Foot Bath: A wonderfully refreshing one-half hour Ionic salt bath using negative ion transfer, which assists in pulling toxins from the pores of your feet.   $35. 


Deployment Resiliency NOW is a technique available especially for military preparing to deploy.  This is a technique that arms military recruits with internal physiological & emotional tools to help carry them confidently through their entire military experience.  $30. 



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I hope you will take the next step to alleviate that toxin in whatever form you identify.  This is strictly confidential and customized to meet your need.