Linda is dedicated to helping her clients connect with their higher selves--enabling healing, increasing self-awareness, spiritual growth and personal empowerment.  No matter which form of healing or integration you may be seeking, Linda uses several well established techniques to achieve results for you.  Meditation, Reiki, Aura Readings, and Toning sessions are designed specifically for groups or individuals.


Toning is a powerful and effective tool for holistic healing.

Healing sounds, which are produced by voices, crystal bowls, or other instruments, touch all aspects of our being.  Sessions also focus on guiding the client to become aware of and use their own innate healing sound.  Toning has been known to break up pain, producing a state of well-being & peace; release conscious and unconscious emotional memories; nurture, feed, & calm the nervous system; balance the chakras; and center and ground the individual.

Meditation Classes

Classes begin with a guided meditation with sound, whether it is toning with a crystal bowl, the voice, or drum.  Then, each individual goes into the silence and finds their own healing tones, bringing awareness to their own Divinity.  As the meditation progresses, participants tone sounds for themselves, group awareness, and healing.



Within every person there exists a divine font of unconditional love.  This love can be invoked any time for our own healing and transformation as well as that of others.  This love cannot be confined, is limitless, and available to all.  When experiencing Reiki, we participate in the transformative power, peace, and healing effects of this Divine Love.  In the oneness of Reiki, we experience and extend the energetic force of Divine Love to others and ourselves. 

Reiki's benefits include:

Release of blockages and repressed feelings

Enhancement of mental clarity & personal awareness

Relaxation & stress reduction

Relief of pain     Strengthening of immune system

Strengthening of life force energy

Strengthening intuition & creativity

Cleansing of toxins     Works well with animals & plants

Strengthening lymphatic & circulation system

Balancing emotions     Improving hearing     Improving sight


                    Aura Readings

We all have many different energy fields around us.  Our auric field is just one of those fields.  The auric field changes throughout the day as we face different challenges.  Linda is able to see auric fields and dissolve old stagnant energy into clear healthier energy.  Linda will also explain what the auric colors mean to help you better understand what you might be experiencing in your daily life.


What to Expect From Your Session



During the 50-90 minute sessions, some people experience heat,

seeing colors, tingling, vibrating waves of energy from the

practitioner's hands.  Afterward, one might feel complete relaxation, calmness, peace and well being as well as feeling energized.  One might also experience clarity with personal issues.  

Sessions include but are not limited to the use of toning & drumming, and an array of different energy techniques, crystals, bodywork & Reflexology could also be used during the session.  Each session is unique & confidential.  Remote sessions are available upon request.

Fee:  $100 for a session lasting up to one and a half hours.  Fees after one and a half hours are $15 per 15 minute intervals.  Package sessions of 5 sessions are $90 per session.  Discounts for referrals, as well as gift certificates, are also available.

To contact Linda for an appointment or information

Call:  520-490-3872


                         Email:  alls_possible22@hotmail.com


Linda is an incredibly talented healer whether in the same room or at a distance. --Helen Z., Washington, D.C.

Linda's clear vision and intuitive abilities along with her sound healing gifts have so greatly assisted me in my healing journey!--Julie C., Silver Spring, MD.

Linda is one of the most gifted people I have come across in the healing industry.  She has an uncanny ability to see solutions to situations she is faced with.  She is truly in her life's purpose, for she is about assisting others understand the importance of healing their body.  Gary W., Naturopath, ATP

Linda is a very gifted healer & teacher.  She is in tune with client needs and always looks for a solution to one's challenges.  Susan S. Ruidiso, N.M.

“A voice is like a life. When it is freed and allowed to resonate in its natural channel, beauty abounds.”-From Finding Your Voice


 Linda is available for presentations, group meditation, or group sessions.