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What to expect from your Session

During the 50 minute to 90 minute sessions, some people experience heat, seeing colors, tingling, vibrating waves of energy from the practitioner's hands. Afterwards, one might feel complete relaxation, calmness, peace and well being as well as feeling energized. One might also experience clarity with personal issues.

Sessions include but are not limited to the use of toning & drumming, and an array of different energy techniques, Crystals, Bodywork, and Reflexology could also be used during the session. Each session is unique and confidential.

Remote sessions are available upon request.

Fee: $60.00 for session lasting up to one and a half hours. Fees after one and a half hours are $15 per 15 minute intervals. Package  sessions of 5 sessions are $50.00 per session.  Discounts for referring friend and family, as well as gift certificates, are also available.